Sustainable fabric for conscious makers

If you’re an independent fashion label or creator, sourcing a range of low quantities of sustainable fabrics can often become an issue. We offer sustainably produced fabrics, fibres and yarns that you can get with relatively low MOQs.

We work with eco-conscious fabrics like Hemp, Bamboo, Nettle and additional organic cotton blends.

In our view, ‘sustainable’ means that the fabric has been made with minimal ecological damage and also provides fair wages to the makers. Our main focus is to provide fabrics that are suitable for a host of essential items, such as clothing, homeware, interior design, curtains, bags, etc.

Our Hemp and Bamboo /organic cotton blends are especially great for shirts and trousers and other apparel. You can get heavier hemp fabrics for bags or curtains or more.

All our organic cotton blends are GOTS certified, but not all the sustainable fabrics that we offer conform to the GOTS standard. This is mainly because for some fabric yarns it is almost impossible to obtain organic quality certification (for instance nettle). We choose our fabrics for the inherent and often unique properties of the fibre, the quality of the material and its capacity to provide gainful employment to underdeveloped communities.

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Our Stinging Nettle, Bamboo and Hemp Fabrics are:

Cultivated with care
Produced by
underserved communities
Made from
strong fibres
& anti-bacterial
in low MOQs
Great to make
a switch away from
microplastic fibres