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Reusable Bamboo Mask Set - Adjustable Ear Straps

Rs. 450.00–Rs. 1,080.00

Looking for a protective face mask that is safe, snug and comfortable? Most surgical masks are itchy, irritating and smelly, not to mention horrible for the environment!

We've crafted a mask for men and women that is not only functional but soft, comfortable, sustainably produced and even fashionable! 

  • Our masks have multiple layers made from 100% Bamboo fabric that is ultra-soft & comfortable.
  • The Bamboo fabric used is naturally anti-bacterial, preventing any sweaty smells, rashes and making it safe and soft on the skin
  • Machine washable and reusable. No more adding to the pollution!
  • The mask features thick and soft elastic bands that go around the ears and are easily adjustable.
    Fit: This fitted mask will provide total coverage of the nose and mouth. The tip of the mask should be resting on the bridge of the nose. The bottom of the mask should be aligned along the jawline. Both the elastic straps will go around the ears, ensuring a snug fit across the face.

    Care Instructions: This mask is reusable. It should be washed with soap and normal water. Hand washing will provide the longest use but you may machine wash (in a pillowcase or garment bag) on the delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry. Do not dry your mask in a dryer

    Please Note: Color selections are not guaranteed. Colour substitutions may be made to ensure you receive your mask(s) in a timely fashion. 

    Rs. 450.00
    Categories: Bamboo, Hemp, Reusable Masks


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